How to Cite without a Bite

  Activity 1.  Plagiarism is when you take credit or don’t give credit to something that isn’t yours. What I learned about plagiarism is that if you earn more than $2,500 on the cite or whatever you used to plagiarize. Then you will get up to ten years in prison, and face charges of $250,000 in fines. How to avoid plagiarism is by giving all credit to the people who are responsible for the video,image,quote or others that you used. But plagiarism can also effect you by having a high chance of getting in trouble from anything academic. What else you should know is it can also lead to your work being taken away, or destroyed. All the consequences can be personal, ethnic, legal, or professional. Also any plagiarism can also follow you around your whole career. Including in professional ways, like holding you back from a very good computer job or any job because you can’t be trusted. If you are a writer, reporter, journalist, etc. then you have a more likely chance to have prison time because they are aware to this law! Some reasons for why this will be helpful for you in the future is because it could save you from prison up to ten years. And save your academic, professional, and personal reputation. Plus you can tell others so they stay safe. Ways to make sure you are giving the correct credit to the correct person by copying the URL address and putting it on the same page of what you used there creation on.

Activity 2.  Some flowers are pink

some flowers are yellow,

but some are more than one

the insides pile up like cauliflower

and the flower isn’t fun


You sit an watch, take it in

the flowers scent is fresher than fresh

and the flowers pink is pinker than pink

and the flowers seeds is full of more seeds

than any other flower                                                                                                               Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion Historic Park ~ Canandaigua NY Onasill ~ Bill Badzo via Compfight

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