20% Project

My friends Brock, Caden, and I are doing a basketball camp for a 20% project for my PBL class, and we will be giving the money we raise to schools who don’t have enough money to afford equipment for sports.

By doing this I will feel happy for being able to help kids learn and experience basketball. Knowing that they will have fun will make my day. I will also fell sad after they leave because I will probably get attached to them and have fun with them. I also will feel proud at the end after I see what they have accomplished including I will feel proud of my group and mentor for teaching kids and helping schools get new equipment. We felt a little stressed because our mentor did say no. However, we asked another teacher to be our mentor. He said no, too. We have confidence, though because we are still emailing people to ask them to be our mentor. We also feel like we are doing a good job of keeping on our game plan, we are going up and not down with meeting our goals.

Our groups major goal for November is to meet with our mentor, have the Board Of Education contacted, and be able to locate a place for our basketball camp. That is my blog for my groups 20% project.

See my Visual Aide  for more information.


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